Advanced Technology

Advanced Technology Nano Belt A complete network of scientific partners, technical schools, laboratories, universities and technical centres ... can drive forward advanced research at the highest level.

TMF hysteresis and fatigue resistant bridge 'Worldwide' simultaneous engineering teamwork at customer and engine manufacturer sites to shorten development time.

Central to the success of any vehicle is the performance of the engine. The key engine components produced by Montupet provide the best solutions to help our customers to meet the challenges of sustainable development:

• Vehicle weight reduction
• Engine performance
• Power optimisation
• Reduced emissions

We are passionate about product innovation and performance.
CAD simulation of solidification A combination of the team's competence and expertise, tools for the most advanced simulation processes, part optimization by FEA and virtual validation, allow Montupet to be the preferred partner for new developments.Through key company rules therefore, Montupet management develop staff competence and initiative, and encourage delegation and teamwork in order to deliver optimum customer service.

We have over 160 people working on the development of new materials, thermal treatment, processes and products to enhance the performance of vehicles.

Thermal and hydraulic bench, Laigneville Products with increasingly complex geometry, with integration of new features, characterize the evolution of Montupet's core expertise Casting process Standardized state of the art processes are a key factor of repeatability

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